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Enjoying Gourmet Salts

 Our salts are imported directly from the source- Hawaii, India and France. By importing and buying directly from the source we ensure purity and high quality of the products.  All of the salts are completely natural with no preservatives. 

Shelf-life- enjoy our salts within 3 years of purchase. 

Storage: store our salts with the rest of your spices in a cupboard.

Shipping: exposure to hot or cold temperatures does not damage the salts.  We recommend ground shipping for all of our salts

Serving Size:  varies depending on the dish and individual preferences. Enjoy our salts in moderation.  Diets high in sodium content may lead to high blood pressure.  Finishing salts (such as Fleur De Sel, Hawaiian Black Lava salt Alea Salt and Kala Namak) should be used to garnish and season food as it is being served.  Sel Gris is a cooking salt and can be used instead of the table salt

For details of the individual salts please see individual salt descriptions

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